There may be a situation, where you wish to download the invoice originals or export the data into a CSV or Excel file. It is easy to do in Datamolino.

Export selected transactions from your folder

  • Select the files that you need to export.

  • Click on the dropdown arrow of the 'Export' button.

  • Choose 'Export to file' and follow the Export wizard.

Export your transactions by date, price and payment status

If you wish to download invoices for a selected period of time, feel free to use the 'Filter' inside the folder. You can filter out documents by date, price and payment status.

Click 'Export all' to get documents that match your filter criteria:

Export ALL your data in Datamolino

If you need to backup all your Datamolino data, the owner of Datamolino account can perform this action through "GDPR Data Request Tool".

Please contact our if you need assistance.

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