Datamolino cannot update documents that are either 'approved' or 'voided' in Xero. This is a precaution to keep your data safe in Xero.

To resolve the error, first click 'DISMISS' in the error message box.

After you dismiss the error, the document status changes to:

  • READY - The document was exported from Datamolino but Datamolino did not get a response from the Xero API in time. The document has still the status 'ready' and you get an error if you try to export to Xero. Very rarely, but this may happen. You can leave the document as it is in Datamolino. Please contact our support team so we can troubleshoot this.


  • GREEN XERO ICON - The document has been exported to Xero but you may want to verify the status of the document in Xero (approved/voided). In this case, please follow the below steps.

When the green Xero icon shows up

  1. Click 'DETAIL IN XERO' and you will be redirected to Xero to the specific document.

2. Depending on the status in Xero, you have the following options:

If the document is approved and it looks fine in Xero

  • The document has been already exported and you can locate it in Xero. In this case, you can leave the document as it is in Datamolino.

If the document is voided and you need to create this transaction again in Xero

  • Re-import the same file again to Datamolino (email or drag n drop)

  • Make sure you click 'Process anyway' in the Import history (if the same file is uploaded again to Datamolino, it is automatically detected as a file duplicate and is not processed until you allow it)

  • Please wait until we process the document.

  • Export the document when it becomes ready in Datamolino.

Please do not hesitate to email us or send us a message on our support chat if you have any doubts or questions about the error that you encounter in your Datamolino. We would be happy to help.

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