There may be a case where Datamolino incorrectly captured the data from the invoice.

Edit the data directly >> This can happen when the original image has low quality and the OCR was unable to capture the text correctly. In such case, please edit the data directly in the invoice detail and ensure a better image quality in the future.

Request fingerprint repair >> In some rare cases our operators may have incorrectly "fingerprinted" the document. This means that an incorrect value is showing up in the extracted data (i.e. the invoice date shows the due date, or invoice number shows an unrelated number from the invoice). In such case, please request a "fingerprint repair" and tell us what went wrong

1. Edit the data directly

You can edit any of the extracted data in the invoice detail. Just click on the field that you need to edit and start typing.
Don't forget to click "Save" once you've finished.


Request fingerprint repair

When you are in the invoice detail, click on the "3 dots" button and chose "Repair fingerprint".
When prompted, please describe in detail what went wrong with the data capture. This action will send the invoice to our operators who will try to repair the fingerprint following your instructions. Once the repair is finished, the invoice will show up as "ready". Any new bills uploaded after the repair shoul be captured correctly.

You only need to do this on 1 document. This means that if you have uploaded multiple documents with the same layout and all were captured incorrectly, request the repair only on one of them. It is faster for you if you correct the rest manually before export. Any new documents will be captured correctly once we repair the fingerprint.

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