In the Folder defaults screen, you can customise the default behaviour of your folder. You can find this section under the folder settings.

Document detail view: Invoice Total/Tax summary/Line items

  • If you mostly work with Tax Summary or Line items, switch the setting based on your preference. Instead of opening Invoice Total and manually switching to a preferred view, Datamolino will do this automatically based on the set default.

Folder view: Purchases / Sales

  • Switch to sales if your folder is mostly used for processing sales invoices. This saves clicking - whenever you open the folder, you will be automatically located in the sales subfolder (instead of purchases).

Email routing: Purchases / Sales

  • Similar to the previous setting, if you mostly process sales invoices in your folder and you email your invoices in, switch to 'Sales'. All documents emailed in will automatically end up in sales (no need to use '@sales' or switch documents later).

Export button priority: Export & Next / Export

  • If you prefer to stay on the same document after exporting it, change the setting to 'Export'.

File splitting: Auto / Single invoice

  • Default in Datamolino is set to ‘Automatic splitting’ which works great for PDFs containing multiple invoices. If you receive mostly single invoice PDFs (each PDF = 1 invoice with one or multiple pages), feel free to switch to ‘Single invoice’ for more automated processing and quicker turnaround times.

Export to file: Mark as exported / Do not mark as exported

  • If you always want to keep the status 'ready' after exporting your files to csv/xls in Datamolino, choose the option 'Do not mark as exported'.

Export blank purchase invoice number: Enabled / Disabled

  • To prevent exporting purchase invoices with blank invoice number, choose the option 'Disabled.

Inventory items - Enabled / Disabled

  • Using line items but not inventory fields, simply disable the option here.

Duplicate detection - Issue date / Total

  • As a default setting, Datamolino detects duplicates based on the supplier name and invoice number match. If needed, you can enable additional parameters to narrow down the duplicate check results. Learn more here.

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