This release has been quite long in the making. We have post-poned this release due to works on the QuickBooks integration which was originally planned for later in the year.

So there are many changes big and small!

QuickBooks integration

We have quietly released our QuickBooks integration at the beginning of this month. Now we are adding additional bells and whistles. Soon you can expect a complete integration with Supplier Automation and all the classes / tracking categories that QuickBooks supports!


Xero Supplier Automation - big improvements

There are additional settings in the Supplier Automation:

  • Description - you can now have a default description for any supplier

  • Currency - set a default supplier currency

  • Line item view - if you always export a supplier with line items, you can now choose to have the line item view as default for this supplier's invoices.

We have improved how Supplier Automation handles the line items. The default coding is now reflected on the line item level. You can also auto-export line items, if you set the "View detail" to "Line items" and turn on "auto-export".


Line item editing - improvements

The checksum above the line items now indicates whether the lines add up to the Total of the invoice. 

  • It is also possible to choose a user plan in British Pounds for UK customers

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