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How to enable 2FA?

Step - by - step guide on how to set up 2FA on Datamolino account

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Please follow these steps to set 2FA up:

Step 1: Install an authenticator app: Download and install an authenticator app on your mobile phone or desktop. We recommend using one of the following apps:

(If you already have an authenticator app, you can proceed to step 2.)

Step 2: Adding your account to the authenticator app:

  • Open the authenticator app

  • Select "Add account" or the "+" sign.

Step 3: Enabling 2FA in Datamolino:

  • Navigate to User profile --> Security.

  • Click on "Enable 2FA."

Step 4: Activating 2FA

  • Use the authenticator app to scan the QR code displayed in Datamolino (If you are using Authy desktop version, manually enter the text code shown below the QR code.)

  • In the same Datamolino window, enter your Datamolino password and the 6-digit code generated by your authenticator app.

  • Click on "Verify code."

Backup codes

Safeguard your account by storing the provided backup codes in a secure location. These unique backup codes are crucial for regaining access to your account in case your 2FA device becomes unavailable.

TIP: During the login process, you have the option to select "Trust this device for 29 days." This option simplifies subsequent logins.

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