In some situations Datamolino extracts supplier names with slight variations, e.g. 'ABC Ltd' is extracted as 'ABC Limited' or there is a typo in the name due to low scan quality. Because of that a previously remembered contact  can be missing.

How can this be fixed?

In document detail, there are now 2 ways to handle  name variations:

1. Choose from existing

If the supplier name is already created in Datamolino and you come across an error/different variations of the name, click on the Dropdown arrow next to the supplier name and assign the correct name. 


Datamolino keeps extracting ABC’s name as ABC Ltd / ABC Limited /ABC. All these variations cause the contact to be missing. When a new variation appears, just click on the dropdown arrow and select the correct one. This will ensure that the variation is remembered under the correct contact “ABC”.

2. Edit supplier name

If you're not happy with how we remember the supplier name, just click 'edit' (the option pops up after you select a supplier name via the 'choose existing). 

This way you can rename the supplier that is already created in Datamolino (all invoices already uploaded in Datamolino with the same supplier name will be changed). 

Note: This new feature is a first step to improve the automation centered around your actual Suppliers. In the future we will surface more functionality that will improve your experience with Datamolino.

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