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What is fingerprinting and how does it work?
What is fingerprinting and how does it work?
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During the 'fingerprinting process' Datamolino learns to read your files. 

When we receive a document, we first match it against our database to see if we already have the layout saved.

  • If it's a new document layout, we set it up in our system by creating a new "fingerprint". Please note this process can take up to 1 business day.

  • If there is a "fingerprint match", the document is processed automatically without human interaction in Datamolino. This means that the data extraction takes only moments depending on server load.

Scan quality is important!

  • The system works best with electronically generated PDFs (ask your suppliers to send you a PDF instead of paper) or when the scanned documents have good optical quality (set your office scanner to 300dpi, black and white).

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