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Datamolino release notes 15.04 (April 22nd, 2015)
Datamolino release notes 15.04 (April 22nd, 2015)
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All features of this release work for both Sage One and Xero users.

Improved design of the invoice detail

Yes, the comboboxes for choosing the Contact and Ledger account were a bit tight. We made them wider for better user experience. Did you know that you can search within the combobox? Just start typing.

The status of the document is now shown in the invoice detail. Now you know at a glance if the document has already been exported to Xero or Sage One even when you are in the invoice detail.

Improved export

When you select multiple invoice for export, the export now happens in the background. The invoices will change the status to "processing" while the export is happening. This is a more reliable way to export.

Also, we have improved the tabs in the folder a little bit. Look for " Export errors" and "Please review". These tabs show you the transactions that you need to review. The Export errors tab shows you only the transactions that have failed to export to your cloud accounting. When you click on them, you should be able to resolve the error. The Please review tab shows you all transactions that have some problems, i.e. some data maybe missing, or the document could not be captured correctly.

Default ledger accounts for purchase invoices

When you connect to your cloud accounting Datamolino will set "general expenses" as the default ledger account for all transactions. You can change the default in Folder Settings.

This helps especially if you use our "Extract invoice line items" feature. You can basically push all the invoices with default ledger account to Xero or Sage one and then work on them in the familiar setting of your accounting program (adjust ledger accounts and tax rates where necessary).

History of Billing Cycles

You can see your usage statistics and history of billing cycles once you click on your user name and choose "History of Billing cycles". You can download it as a CSV if you need to.


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