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How to disable 2FA?

What to do if you have changed/lost a device or 6-digit code is not working?

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If you have backup codes

In this situation, we recommend using the backup codes generated when setting up 2FA initially. Please use the backup codes (16 character strings) as follows:

  • Log in as per usual:

    • enter the email address

    • enter the password

    • enter one of the codes (16 character string).

  • Disable 2FA:

    • enter the password

    • enter the second backup code (different from the one used to login).

  • Set 2FA up again. Please follow the instructions in this video guide or in this article.

If you do not have backup codes

Please contact our support team (by email who will happily assist you to resolve this situation.

TIP: For instant access please follow the steps in this article.

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