Each Datamolino Folder has an email address that can be used to send files for processing. You can use it to set up a Zapier automation. Here is a link to the Zapier recipe using Dropbox / Gmail / Datamolino email address. If you need help setting up a Zap using different providers, we are happy to help.

Here is a shared Zapier recipe to get you started. The automation is really easy:

3 easy steps:

  1. Setup Zapier to check a folder in Dropbox for new files (please note that Zapier is able to check a folder, but not its subfolders, so you need to add each subfolder as an automation, if you are using subfolders)

  2. Connect Gmail and set it up to send the File via email to your Datamolino folder.

  3. Ask Zapier to move the file to another folder (i.e. Sent documents) so when you check the folder it is clear which files have been successfully sent.

Screenshots and additional tips:

Setup the trigger folder. If a new file is saved to this folder the automation will trigger the ZAP.

In Gmail make sure to Attachment:

In the 3rd step "Move File in Dropbox" choose the Custom setting and select the Path to the file from Step 1.

The email address of your folder can be found when you click on the Import button - Via Email Addless:

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