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1-05 Work with Sales invoices
1-05 Work with Sales invoices
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Datamolino can process your Sales Invoices. This comes in handy if you use QuickBooks for bookkeeping but your Sales invoices are issued using a third party system. 

Where should I upload Sales Invoices?

Each folder in Datamolino has a subfolder where you can upload Sales Invoices. When you export from this subfolder, your data goes to the "Sales Invoices" endpoint in your QuickBooks company. 

To access the Sales Invoices click on the "Sales" in the navigation bar.

Email Sales invoices into Datamolino

Yes, you can use the email address of the folder to upload Sales Invoices - you must enter the text @sales into the subject line of the email.

Oops, I have uploaded Sales Invoices to the wrong place, what now?

You can move the invoices between the Sales and Purchase subfolders by clicking on the invoices you want to move first, then "3 dots" button and selecting "Switch: purchase / sales". The files are moved immediately.

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