In Datamolino, there are two main document splitting options:

  • Automatic (auto) splitting - Datamolino extracts data from all individual invoices inside a multi-page PDF and split the original file

  • Single invoice - Datamolino extracts data only from the first recognised invoice and keeps all pages as one file

Below, we explain all the important details about how the pricing for Automatic document split detection works in Datamolino.

🚨 Key takeaways

  • Starting in October 2022, automatic document splitting will become a paid feature

  • Per-document cost will increase by 0.02 (in the account's billing currency) for each invoice uploaded with the auto split enabled

  • Currently, this feature is enabled by default for ALL folders. To opt out of using it, please make sure you change the folder defaults to 'Single invoice' or let us know and we will happily change it in bulk for you.

πŸ‘‡ More details

❓How can you avoid the automatic split charge?

Inside the 'Folder Settings', switch the 'File splitting' to 'Single invoice' and save the changes. This is how you can do it:

Getting to Folder settings first

Changing the setting

Going forward, if you need to split documents on an ad hoc basis, you can always bypass the default when uploading files to Datamolino:

  • in the web app, switch the option to 'Auto' on the upload screen

  • when emailing, add '@split' into the subject of the email

πŸ’‘If you accidentally upload a multi-invoice file as 'single invoice', just send it for repair and we will split the file for you.

❓How will this affect your billing?

For each invoice uploaded with the automatic split detection, the per-document cost will increase by 0.02 in your billing currency (i.e. if you have a per document price of Β£0.24 the document created by PDF splitting will cost Β£0.26). If you upload documents with the 'Single invoice' setting, this charge does not apply to you.

❓What is automatic split detection in more detail?

Thanks to this feature, Datamolino detects individual invoices inside a multi-page PDF upload. This feature enables users to batch scan their invoices and let Datamolino split the file into individual transactions. The file can include multi-page invoices, so there is no need to have 1 page = 1 invoice batches or sort single and multipage documents before uploading them.

❓Why are we changing this?

The automatic split detection is currently enabled by default but we have found that only 15% of uploaded invoices require this capability. This feature may require the attention of our human operators if the algorithm is not sure how to resolve 'unknown' pages in a document. Single invoice multi-page PDFs are processed faster and with better automation.

If you need to change this setting for multiple folders, please reach out to our customer support who will happily change it in bulk for you.

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