When you delete a folder it is moved to the "Deleted folders" list.

Datamolino permanently erases a deleted folder after 45 days. Documents contained in the deleted folder are also permanently erased after this period.

You can undelete the folder before it is permanently erased.

Where can I find the list of deleted folders?

When you scroll down to the bottom of the MyFolders dashboard there is a link on the bottom of the page named "Deleted folders". You can also use this direct link to see a list of your deleted folders:

How can I undelete a folder?

To undelete a folder click the "Re-activate this Folder" link in the list of deleted folders.

Can I recover a folder that has been permanently erased?

Recovering a permanently erased folder is not possible.

Please note:

Before April 2021 Datamolino was not permanently erasing folders. This has now changed.

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