When you subscribe to Datamolino, you have the option of choosing between two categories of plans:

Standard plan

If you subscribe to a Standard plan, Datamolino will give you all key details from your invoice including Invoice Number, Supplier Name, Issue Date, Description from the first line of the invoice, as well as Totals and tax information. This should be sufficient if you only need general information from your documents.

Detailed plan

On Detailed plans, on top of all mentioned above, you also get a line-by-line breakdown of every item on your invoice. Each line comes with an item description so you can have more insight on documents. Also, different ledger codes and tax codes can be separately assigned for each line.

We remember your coding information based on an item's description. As long as it's an exact match the coding will be assigned based on your previous choices. 

To illustrate this, if your item description says "Coffee" and you assign the coding, Datamolino will assign the same coding next time you have this item description. However, should the description say "Coffee & Milk", we will regard it as a new line so the coding will need to be assigned separately.

Important note

As you can see, Detailed plans give you more information from your documents. Although it is important to note that we do not capture line items from small receipts, hand-written documents and photographs. Hence why determining thy quality and type of your typical documents should be one of the factors when you are deciding what type of subscription plan to go with.

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