In Datamolino the default setting is "Automatically split files into individual documents".
That means you can upload multi-invoice PDF and we try to separate documents into individual invoices (even if PDF file includes a mix of single and multi-page invoices). 

In some cases, it may happen that our system is unable to automatically recognise all pages as one document and we split it up. To avoid such situations, there is now an option to choose 'do not split' when uploading documents via web or email. This setting works best with individual PDFs containing one multi-page invoice. 

Examples where the DO NOT SPLIT option may help:

  1. Invoice includes supporting evidence

  2. Invoice number is not clearly visible on all pages

  3. Invoice doesn't include page numbering

  4. Low quality of scan (low resolution, handwritten marks, paper was folded in multiple places)




If you choose  the 'do not split' option, the system extracts data only from the first recognised invoice inside the PDF. 

If you submit multi-invoice PDF and tick 'do not split', we keep all pages together and process only the first recognised invoice. In order to extract data from all invoices inside a single PDF, please re-upload the file and leave the default setting of 'Automatically split files'.

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