You can set your Datamolino on autopilot. Turn on Auto-Export for suppliers and your data will appear in your Xero automatically, without manual exports.

Turn on Auto-Export

Go to the Supplier Automation dashboard to turn on Auto-Export for your suppliers. Just check the "Auto-Export" box in the supplier tab and click "Save".

Auto-Export in action

Once you check the "Auto-Export" option in the supplier tab, all invoices from the selected Supplier will get automatically exported to your Xero organisation as they become ready to export. No buttons to push, they just appear in Xero. Use this feature only with suppliers where you are certain that their documents come in good quality to minimise any OCR errors in your Xero data. Files that Datamolino flags as possible duplicates are not automatically exported into Xero.

How do I know which items have been exported automatically?

Items that have been exported manually will have a green Xero label, items that have been exported automatically have a blue Xero label.

See which Suppliers are on Auto-Export

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