Now you can pay your invoices directly from Datamolino. Using Open Banking APIs you can now initiate a bank transfer to your supplier which you sign in your internet banking. Click on the Pay invoice button and follow the instructions. The payment initiation feature is currently FREE.

Please note: This feature is currently limited to UK banks and local UK bank account numbers. IBAN support and international payments will be supported in the future.

We have partnered with Crezco to bring you this service. Crezco Ltd, an Authorised Payment Institution with UK Financial Conduct Authority: 925173.

Here is a video (my first time, so bear with me) that shows you the flow:

Initiate payment

In the invoice detail screen click on the Pay invoice button. This will bring up a window where you can review and change payment details.

Review and edit payment details

In this step you can edit the payment details if you wish. If the bank account number and sort code is not filled out, you can add it on this screen and it will be saved with the supplier contact if you proceed with the payment.

Please note: the form does not have "live" validation at this time, so if you get an error that bank account number is missing or is in wrong format, just correct the data and proceed with payment.

Proceed with the payment

The QR code contains a link to finish the payment on your mobile phone. If you scan it with your camera app most phones give you the option to open the link.

You can also proceed in the web browser with the payment flow.

When you scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera it will link you to proceed with the payment flow on your mobile device.

Follow the payment flow

Confirm the payment details.

Select your bank

Mark invoice as paid

IMPORTANT: At this time we do not have a live feedback from your bank if the payment was successful. You need to mark the invoice manually. Soon this will be automated.

If the payment failed you can reset the payment status and initiate the payment again.

You can also manually mark the invoice as paid without going through the payment flow.

How to turn this feature ON / OFF

You can manage this feature in your Folder settings

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